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Noquarter 1.2.1 pre
« on: November 17, 2008, 08:49:19 pm »
hier mal was ich dazu finden konnte:

cool new things in the binaryes:
- Added drop weapons if poisoned
- Fixed g_inactivity and g_spectatorInactivity
no mare AFK players if this options are set except if the shrubbot flag "0" -Player cannot be automatically kicked or put spec due to inactivity- overwrite it via adminlevel. g_inactivity put inactive players to spectator after the specified time, g_spectatorInactivity kick inactive spectators
- Added fun mode which displays attacker's HP on every kill with headshot weapon
- added a new skill battle sense 9 - team arty awareness (similar like greanade awareness)
- Added first headshot message simmilar to first blood
- added extra g_adrenaline flags to control who is allowed to use adrenaline

usefull changes in the binarys
- Fixed XP overflow bug (negative Xp values in HUD)
- Added omnibot 0.71 support
- Reworked shuffle (more info here:
- fixed "Lag bug" when pmove_fixed = 1
- Display the reason and expiration to banned players when they try to connect.
- Prevent "empty player name" bans when editing the name in the game options menu.
- Add missing team_panzerRestriction cvar.
- the basic code was cleared, old unused pub cvar removed
- Send Private Message sound as new event type
- shothun usage improvments
- Do not allow to kick with Bazooka/Panzerfaust ( mainly because of retarded animation )
- fixed for g_trueping 1 - antiwarp disabled if gamestate is intermission
- fixed poisonTime when a !poison admin command is used

Changes in the assets pack:
- all in one file, cleared from unused stuffs
- aded ingame tweak menu and popupfileter option
- enlarged chat menu
- Reworked location files db support
- added mapfixes/missing textures/missing md3 files for different maps
- fixed the voice tone of the announcers
- making countless visual and "realistic" update and fix
-- the non working/not used body and face textures are now available
-- team based colored stuffs
-- NQ's iron cross modell instead of wolfi logo on the textures
-- mirrored truck glass